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Cheek and Chin Implants/Augmentation Surgery by Dr. John Owsley, MD, FACS

World-renowned surgeon John Owsley, MD, FACS has used cheek and chin implants for facial augmentation at his San Francisco clinic to improve the facial contours of hundreds of patients. The procedure to place the implants is safe, simple, and relatively quick. Chin implants can strengthen the definition of a weak chin, and cheek implants can give more prominence to the cheekbones.

Cheek and chin implants are made of solid silicone material (an inert substance) and come in a variety of sizes. Dr. Owsley avoids using excessively large chin or cheek implants, relying on more tasteful highlighting or augmentation. Dr. Owsley's surgical artistry gives him the ability to provide patients who undergo chin and cheek augmentation at his San Francisco offices with exceptionally pleasing results.

Cheek Implants/Augmentation

Cheek implants are used to highlight the malar region just below and lateral to the eyelid. With implants, the cheek augmentation helps to balance the face and accentuate focus on the malar-eyelid region. The cheek implants can be inserted through an incision in the mouth above the upper gum region, or they can be inserted directly during a facelift operation.

If the cheek implants are placed in a single procedure, the augmentation can be done as a short outpatient procedure that is usually completed within one hour. A very short recovery period is the norm; many implant patients can be back to their normal activities within two to three days. Within weeks, the cheek implants incorporate themselves into the facial structure and feel quite natural.

If the cheek implant surgery is combined with another procedure such as a forehead lift, eyelid surgery, or nose (rhinoplasty) surgery, Dr. Owsley will describe the procedures and recovery process fully to you.

Find out more about cheek augmentation with implants performed at the San Francisco offices of Dr. John Q. Owsley — contact us today for an appointment.

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Chin Implants/Augmentation

The nose adds balance to the face, and the chin helps to frame the face. Chin augmentation is often used to recontour a recessive chin. Quite often, implant surgery to enhance the contour of the chin is performed in conjunction with surgery of the nose (rhinoplasty).

A chin implant adds strength and definition to the jawline. Chin augmentation by Dr. Owsley provides an aesthetically pleasing and completely natural-looking chin with the correct proportions.

If the chin augmentation is done as a single procedure, it can usually be performed as a short outpatient procedure that is usually completed in about an hour. The chin implant is typically placed through an incision inside the lower lip so that there is no visible scarring. A very short recovery time is normal. Most chin implant patients resume their normal activities two or three days after the surgery. Chin implants become incorporated into the facial structure and feel like a normal part of the face within a matter of weeks.

Chin augmentation with implants performed at our San Francisco practice has helped many patients gain a more balanced, aesthetically pleasing face and jawline.

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Schedule Cheek or Chin Implants/Augmentation Surgery at Our San Francisco Office

If you are interested in receiving cheek or chin implants/augmentation at the San Francisco offices of Dr. John Owsley, please contact Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for a consultation that will explain the benefits of these simple yet effective face-enhancing procedures.

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