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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: Bay Area Plastic Surgeon John Owsley, MD, FACS

For individuals seeking facial cosmetic surgery, one of the most important considerations is the caliber of the plastic surgeon. California's Bay Area is home to the practice of plastic surgeon John Owsley, MD, FACS, who enjoys a worldwide reputation as the originator of the SMAS-Platysma Bidirectional facelift. This facelift procedure truly revolutionized the field of facelift surgery. Dr. Owsley has performed cosmetic procedures for thousands of patients over his distinguished 30-year career as a facial plastic surgeon practicing in San Francisco and at his Aesthetic Plastic Surgery offices on the Davies Campus of the California Pacific Medical Center.

Many influences contribute to the decision to consider aesthetic surgery, including:

Whatever the reason for your interest in facial plastic surgery, you have found a compassionate and highly experienced plastic surgeon with whom you can comfortably discuss your desires, concerns, and expectations — Dr. John Owsley.

Truly the Best

There are many fine plastic surgeons in San Francisco, but Dr. Owsley's reputation for exceptional results and personalized care draws patients from all over the world. Indeed, many people travel very long distances to have him perform their facial surgery. Dr. Owsley has helped celebrities, models, politicians, actors, and everyday people achieve their aesthetic goals. The fact that thousands of patients from around the world, across the United States, and throughout California's Bay Area seek him as their plastic surgeon establishes Dr. Owsley as truly among the best there is in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Owsley performs a full range of the most effective and safest procedures for facial rejuvenation at his Aesthetic Plastic Surgery practice — the SMAS-Platysma facelift, secondary facelift, revision facelift, eyebrow/forehead lift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), cheek augmentation, chin augmentation, and rhinoplasty (nose surgery), among others. Dr. Owsley is widely known for doing excellent, extremely precise work that provides his patients completely natural-looking results. The many media highlights and personal testimonials regarding Dr. Owsley confirm his unsurpassed skill and commitment to an exceptional level of cosmetic surgery.

The Need for a Better Facelift

In her recent book I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other
Thoughts on Being a Woman
, author Nora Ephron describes her concerns regarding the typical wrinkling and other changes that occur on the anterior (front) neck as a person ages. She dismisses plastic surgery as a solution "because plastic surgeons correct aging necks with a facelift operation." Her experience with facelifts has apparently been negative because she would "rather squint at this sorry little face and neck of mine in a mirror than confront a stranger who looks suspiciously like a drum pad."

This is a common reaction to the pulled appearance created by the traditional facelift technique in which facial skin is pulled back toward incisions made near the ears. This type of facelift often results in a taut, "drum pad" look, and it delivers no aesthetic benefit to the area underneath the chin. Dr. Owsley developed the advanced SMAS-platysma facelift procedure to address the entire face so that his patients achieve exceptionally natural-looking results with none of the tautness of a traditional, "skin-only" facelift. He describes the SMAS-platysma facelift procedure in his own words:

"This deficiency was what I sought to correct when I developed the vertical vector necklift available with
the SMAS-Platysma Flap as part of the two-layer, bidirectional SMAS-platysma facelift. Over 20 years
of experience with more than 2000 necks has proven that a superior, long-lasting correction of anterior
neck laxity is achieved with the SMAS-Platysma operation. In the second phase of the two-layer facelift,
the skin of the face can be smoothed gently on top of the already lifted SMAS, avoiding any pulled
appearance whatsoever. The face you see in the mirror after the SMAS-platysma vertical vector
operation is the face you remember from one to two decades earlier."

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Video includes a taped consultation between Dr. Owsley and a facelift patient and it includes pre- and post-operative pictures.

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